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Monday, June 2, 2014

Italian Vogue's Talent Chiara Cola New "Day and Night" Series

Photographer Credit: Veils- Ben Cook and CHADI- Melissa Mc Claren



Concept of the new series “Imaginary landscapes | by day and by night”

This new series presents imaginary landscapes, rich in details and colors, and portrays them in their day and night version.. .light and darkness change very much the appearance of these parallel universes, in the same way they change one of the very cities we live in, making them somewhat eerie, yet intoxicating and mysterious. This is my very personal tribute to the theme of secret cities that I have been investigating for more than 4 years now and that seems to incite my thoughts and fantasies.

Each portrait of these cities has, as usual in my work, a title and a story behind it.

They are very complex images: some are more abstract, others are rich in architectural shapes and cinematographic echoes, like a colored set, full of neon lights, in Las Vegas or Tokyo- places I have been dreaming of since my childhood and that I hope to visit soon... 

An intimate expression of the love and deep influence that the American and Japanese visual culture and production had, since I was a child, on the development of my sense of color and aesthetics.

These "Imaginary landscapes" were captured by the eye of an amazing photographer, Ben Cook, interpreted by a strong and passionate model, Laura Kell, plus the magical touch of amazing make up artist Bea Sweet and marvelous hair stylist Maria Kovacs.